Retention & Performance Marketer

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Develop and implement effective retention strategies aimed at increasing customer loyalty, reducing churn, and maximizing customer lifetime value.

Job Responsibilities

● Analyze customer data to segment the audience effectively, tailoring retention efforts for different customer groups.

● Collaborate with the performance marketing team to plan and execute retention campaigns, ensuring synergy between creative content and targeting strategies. 

● Work closely with the creative team to provide input on creatives that resonate with the target audience and align with the overall brand message.

● Regularly analyze campaign performance, customer behavior, and engagement metrics to identify opportunities for improvement.

● Conduct A/B tests to optimize retention strategies, including email marketing, push notifications, and other customer communication channels.

● Establish a feedback loop with the customer support and product teams to gather insights and address customer concerns or issues promptly.

● Generate reports and dashboards to track the effectiveness of retention efforts and present findings to stakeholders.


● Prior experience in marketing communication and execution development.

● Exceptional data skills including the ability to extract data in order to inform future campaigns and strong command of web/mobile analytics.

● Able to create, manage and champion marketing campaigns that utilize the full marketing mix.

● Solid Digital Marketing experience and proficiency in the most popular channels and tools (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, email Marketing, Google Analytics).

● Experienced in developing clear action plans to implement customer insights.

● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a strong ability to collaborate and influence.

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