Recruitment challenges faced by recruiters and candidates post Covid.

Category: Recruitment Challenges Recruitment is just like matchmaking, with a lot of dependency on external factors and so, it could all go wrong with just once factor not being in favour. In order to make things work, it is imperative

How AI can help in Automated sourcing/ job-matching?

Category: Automation and Recruitment The hiring process can be frequently exhausting and time-consuming. Certain reports from the Society of Human Resource Management suggest that the average time to fill a position is 42 days, now that’s a long time hauling

Is Hybrid model of recruitment the new face of standardized and fair hiring practices?

Category: Recruitment Process Why is it that the new market shows that a hybrid recruitment model clubbed with the best in market ATS software results in greater efficiency and fairness to the ideal of recruitment? To understand this first let’s

Futuristic Rewards Program

In continuation to the article on recruitment trends of future, in this article, I’ve penned down some of the ideas and analysis on how the entire compensation and benefits vertical will pan out in the future. An organization’s compensation & benefits strategy

Workplace of Future

Post COVID-19, it is going to be a very different world with very limited social gatherings and travel, be it personal or work-related, utmost importance will be given to personal hygiene, the focus will shift towards maintaining good health and

Hiring Trends During & Post Covid-19

It is about time that we accept that Covid-19 is a thing to stay for the next couple of years, to say the least until the vaccine comes through and a significant portion of the population is vaccinated. In order

Customer Success – How not to disappoint your customers

How often does any company lose a client because of terrible service? All the time. The success of your business is interlinked with the success of your customer. Once disappointed, customer’s impulse to punish bad service plays out dramatically and

Hiring Right – 5 Ways To Improve Your Selection Process

The selection process for any role is usually long and complicated, and considering that there is a lot at stake with the wrong hire, it is understandable to be thorough in your search. If you still end-up questioning your hiring

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