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  • Ways to speed up your hiring process

    CATEGORY: Recruiter Have you ever wondered why is it crucial to follow just about the right pace for hiring process? Not following the right speed can negatively impact on both fronts, business outcomes and overall candidate experience. One more negative impact which nobody talks about is the frustration getting built-up in the talent acquisition team […]


    CATEGORY : Founder/Senior Leadership/Recruiter The Indian SAAS industry has been growing at a steady rate and India’s SAAS market is expected to account for 7 – 10% of the global SAAS market. With the growing trend of SAAS becoming more industry-vertical specific, there has been an emergence of a few roles which were not there […]

  • How to attract and retain Gen Z talent

    CATEGORY : Founder/Senior Leadership/Recruiter By the year 2030, 30% of the global workforce will be Gen Z. And as an employer, to engage with this demographic is not a cake walk. Copy-paste solutions might have worked for the earlier generations, but for Gen Z, a tailored approach is desired. Focus on overall health and well-beingDesign […]

  • Top podcasts every recruiter should listen to

    Category: Recruiter Podcasts are a great way to consume knowledge and information on-the-go. On your commute to work, while eating lunch or during your regular walks, podcasts help break the monotony and simultaneously contribute in your personal and professional development. Here is our pick when it comes to some of the interesting and relevant podcasts […]

  • How to select the right talent/recruitment consulting firm?

    Category: Company/CXO/Founder/Recruiter How to decide if this consulting firm is the right establishment for your talent/recruitment needs As a founder, CXO or internal recruiter, once you’ve decided that you’d seek external support for your talent needs, it is important to be thorough in how to select the right consulting form to partner with. Collaborating with […]

  • Moonlighting – Fading employee commitment vs Innovation

    Category: Company/CXO/Founder – Work culture How do we define what moonlighting is? According to the definition, moonlighting is having a second job that you undertake discreetly without alerting your primary employer in your spare time. Free time is defined as time spent outside of office hours, such as at night or on weekends. This includes […]

  • The new trend of boomerang employees: Effective or not? Should you hire or not?

    Category: Latest Hiring Trends It is no mystery that we’re all dealing with a shortage of skilled candidates right now. With unemployment hovering around 4%, businesses are having a harder time recruiting skilled personnel. As a result, many organizations are considering employing “boomerang employees,” or ex-employees who willingly left the company and are now eager […]

  • Recruitment challenges faced by recruiters and candidates post Covid.

    Category: Recruitment Challenges Recruitment is just like matchmaking, with a lot of dependency on external factors and so, it could all go wrong with just once factor not being in favour. In order to make things work, it is imperative that recruiters (be it internal or external) work in collaboration with the hiring managers. Things […]

  • How AI can help in Automated sourcing/ job-matching?

    Category: Automation and Recruitment The hiring process can be frequently exhausting and time-consuming. Certain reports from the Society of Human Resource Management suggest that the average time to fill a position is 42 days, now that’s a long time hauling 42 days of end-to-end work that goes behind the scenes. Nevertheless, the hiring process has […]

  • Is Hybrid model of recruitment the new face of standardized and fair hiring practices?

    Category: Recruitment Process Why is it that the new market shows that a hybrid recruitment model clubbed with the best in market ATS software results in greater efficiency and fairness to the ideal of recruitment? To understand this first let’s begin by understanding what a centralized and decentralized recruitment model means. One of the difficult […]