How AI can help in Automated sourcing/ job-matching?

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The hiring process can be frequently exhausting and time-consuming. Certain reports from the Society of Human Resource Management suggest that the average time to fill a position is 42 days, now that’s a long time hauling 42 days of end-to-end work that goes behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, the hiring process has been steadily evolving over the years. Organizations nowadays favor AI-powered automated hiring techniques for pre-qualifying and evaluating candidates swiftly at scale, rather than individually reading across each candidate’s cv from a pool of resumes. Since automated job matching is useful for separating residue from grains in the recruiting process, it has a few flaws.

Let’s look at some of its advantages as well as drawbacks:

1. Time Efficiency: Automated matching of profiles for a specific job role helps in reducing the time that’s put into the process of matching profiles manually. Through process optimization and screening in seconds, it mitigates the workload of analyzing a bucket load of awaiting CVs.

2. Speeds up the process of landing a match: An AI tool can help you determine and connect new leads at scale by automating skill searches. Furthermore, AI tools can pre-screen and eliminate the applications that do not meet the criteria, hence, it significantly speeds up the hiring process.

3. Improves candidate satisfaction and participation: Because recruiters are regularly swamped with time-consuming activities, maintaining reasonable responsiveness with job applications is a daily struggle. As a result, sometimes candidates have negative experiences. It can result in the loss of a possible hire. The candidates benefit from a better interaction process that helps keep them involved and notified all through the hiring process when the AI tools/software is used.

4. Decreases the possibility of a hiring bias: Unintentional biases can sway recruitment decisions in a number of ways. By screening candidates based on skills, experience, and qualifications instead of gender, age, or race, AI hiring solutions potentially reduce these biases. This method aids in the identification of a match that is managed fairly and is undoubtedly qualified for the job vacancy.

It’s true that when something new comes into practice, it definitely has a flipside to it. In this case, as this new practice involves the intervention of a software tool, the chances of errors are a given.

1. The chance of incurring a technical error or a software glitch is a possibility that can affect the hiring process. For instance, certain resumes might not be accessible due to the AI not recognizing the formatting on them which could lead to losing out on potential candidates.

2. Can miss out on potential candidates due to its preset standards or filtering features which might result in potential candidates with exceptional soft skills such as creativity and communication being missed out.

3. The AI tool/software may even ignore the important keywords in the resumes of good potential candidates. The applicants who know how to use accurate keywords or hack into this will benefit and one who doesn’t know the hack of using keywords will be at a disadvanatage. This is simply because the AI software will not recognize the weak keywords.

So to conclude it can be observed that while traditional hiring practices or systems are important, they will no longer fulfill the needs of the present and growing need for faster and more efficient tools. While the automation/AI software has its weaknesses and strengths, the best alternative would be to use both traditional and modern practices together in an efficient way. Organizations can opt for AI tools or software that suit their recruitment process while keeping their traditional practices in check to not lose out on priority candidates whose profiles need more human filtering than automation. This way there is no complete reliance on automation alone, but yes to keep up with the fast-paced development of AI tools will be an organization’s best decision.

Author: Aishwarya B.

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