Ways to speed up your hiring process

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Have you ever wondered why is it crucial to follow just about the right pace for hiring process? Not following the right speed can negatively impact on both fronts, business outcomes and overall candidate experience. One more negative impact which nobody talks about is the frustration getting built-up in the talent acquisition team or the recruiter responsible for that role. Consequently, approaching a slowly moving role with a negative mindset, can be detrimental to the search itself. Then how should you speed up the hiring process?

  1. Closing an open position is not just TA team’s responsibility. The success of the recruitment team is highly dependent on the external stakeholders and so each party involved in the hiring process needs to operate as per fixed timelines as communicated before the start of the process.
  2. Prepare atleast 2 interviewers/reviewers for each round (1 primary,1 backup) to avoid any obstruction. If one of them is unavailable, the other one can do the required part.
  3. Try to optimize the process as much as possible without compromising on the quality of process. By optimizing, what I mean is to list down functional/technical and behavioural competencies and each round needs to be mapped with some of these competencies. Evaluating a single competency in more than 2 rounds is not efficient and needs to be avoided at all costs.
  4. Do the first level of technical screening with a coding/assignment/task round.
  5. Once the candidate is done with the final round, quick regrouping of the interview panel and reaching on a decision is also crucial. Offer discussion can also happen in parallel to the reference checks. As a talent partner, we always encourage our clients to optimize hiring time, to avoid candidate drop-outs.


Author : Mitali

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