How to attract and retain Gen Z talent

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By the year 2030, 30% of the global workforce will be Gen Z. And as an employer, to engage with this demographic is not a cake walk. Copy-paste solutions might have worked for the earlier generations, but for Gen Z, a tailored approach is desired.

Focus on overall health and well-being
Design employee friendly policies and make sure to communicate them to current employees and potential hires. It is also a good idea to include perks and benefits in job descriptions and publish them on different platforms. Some of the popular benefits include flexible working hours, remote working, tie-ups with counsellors, gym/pilates/zumba/crossfit memberships, healthy meal options, exhaustive insurance coverage, private spaces, paid-time off.

Being digital savvy
Technology adoption is a necessity to attract Gen Z’s attention. Modern workplace tools like Slack, Airtable, OfficeVibe not only makes collaboration easier and smoother but also add to the coolness quotient of the employer. Being active on socials and sharing relevant information/jokes/memes on these platforms would also work in employers’ favour.

Creating social impact
Now-a-days, a lot of start-ups are coming up in climate-tech and sustainability space and this is a result of zoomers being interested in making this world a better place to live. Aligning your company’s vision with a large scale social impact can help in pitching the organization to Gen Z.

Value addition and open communication
A zoomer is always attracted towards opportunities where his/her contributions are tangible and are adding value to the bigger organization goals. Clear and open communication of this value addition would make the job more enticing for Zoomers.

Author : Mitali

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