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Ways to speed up your hiring process

CATEGORY: RecruiterHave you ever wondered why is it crucial to follow just about the right pace for hiring process? Not…
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How to attract and retain Gen Z talent

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Top podcasts every recruiter should listen to

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How to select the right talent/recruitment consulting firm?

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Customer Success – How not to disappoint your customers

How often does any company lose a client because of terrible service? All the time. The success of your business is interlinked with the success of your customer. Once disappointed, customer’s impulse to punish bad service plays out dramatically and can have long-term implications.

‘Customer Success’ as a term has a slightly advanced connotation than ‘Customer Service’. Success is about being proactive while service is about being reactive. Letting down your customers can have far-reaching repercussions than not delighting them.

Here is a quick read on how you can not disappoint your customers:

  • Don’t overpromise and under-deliver

Overpromise is the worst kind of mistake that you can make. While some business are complacent with high client turnover but most businesses cannot afford to operate that way. Losing credibility can have a long-term impact on the business. If you’re unable to meet the timeline or the expected quality standards, be upfront about it.

  • Treat each customer as valued

Independent of the business size, it is important to treat each customer as equally important. No matter how insignificant is the business size, their word of mouth publicity can help you gain 10 more customers and even the slightest critical review can damage your reputation.

  • Empower employees

Do you know any employee at Ritz-Carlton can spend up to $2000 per guest, per day to resolve any issue without taking permissions from a supervisor. Empower employees with required tools and the ability to take decisions without any supervision can lead to resolving customer issues quickly.

  • Encourage self-help options

For a 24/7 customer support, building and encouraging usage of self-help options backed up by a company representative is an efficient & effective way of solving customer queries. Resource libraries, live Q&As, webinars & video tutorials are a great way to support customers resolve queries in an engaging way.

  • Take feedback and incorporate suggestions

Encourage customers to give feedbacks on the overall service. A follow-up call with a disgruntled or a struggling customer can give you insights which would have otherwise remained unfocused. Analyzing the customer feedback followed up with internal brainstorming and incorporating customer suggestions will help in customer retention.

By implementing these customer service trends, you can increase loyalty and retention from your customers and can generate more sales.

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